Marine Engines: Fuel Oil Systems Essay

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Fuel oil Systems;
Marine Engines are mainly designed to run on Low cost fuel such as Diesel Oil or Heavy Fuel Oil which contains high dense particles, waste residue and other contaminants.
These waste materials should not be pumped into the engine directly as they will damage the engine and decrease the efficiency. So, first these materials have to be separated from the fuel oil and then the purified oil can be supplied to the engine for better performance. So, this plays a very important role in the efficient functioning of the ship.
Generally for a cargo ship, the following components are essential to operate a Marine engine running on Heavy fuel oil or Diesel oil.
They are:
1. Storage tank
2. Settling tank
3. Heating Equipment
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The following process diagram shows the steps involved.
Alternating Current Generator:
An alternating Current Generator is the main power generation system onboard the ship which consists of two systems. They are: 1. An Alternator and
2. An Engine
An alternator is a device that converts the shaft power produced by engine into electrical power. It consists of a rotating magnet called a rotor and a stator which has metal conducting wires wound around a iron core. When the rotor is rotated, it induces a magnetic field and thus AC voltage is produced. This voltage will be of high frequency and will have fluctuations due to the direct coupling with the engine shaft. So the output is directly fed to the Voltage Regulator which will keep the voltage constant. Then the system is connected to different units of transformers which will step up and step down the voltage produced by the alternator. This is because all the equipment onboard the ship will have their own working voltage and current values. The power thus generated is controlled using the power management systems which will increase or decrease the supply basing on demand.
Mostly, in ships which have more number of engines, the alternator is directly coupled with the main engine to generate electrical power. This will help in utilizing the engine power more efficiently.
In cases where the number of main engines is less, the alternator is coupled with an Auxiliary engine

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