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Management and Leadership
What is management? What is leadership? Which has more impact on employee performance? Which role contributes most to a healthy organizational culture? Can roles overlap? This paper examines how management and leadership effect today's organizational culture. Effects of leader behavior on employees will also be discussed.
Management writes the rules and sets the goals for the organization. Management is often critical of failures and expects only success" (Kumle & Kelly, 2006, p. 11). Management handles the day-to-day complexities of organizations. Budgets, planning, meeting with investors, organizing, and maintaining company traditions all fall under management
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They define the short-term tasks and guide employees to success. Leaders and leadership style used have a great deal of impact on organizational culture. Leadership style is partially controlled by the amount of responsibility they are given by management. Leaders with legitimate power have the authority to provide employee assignments, employees are obligated to comply with instructions given by these leaders. Employees comply with the wishes of leaders with reward power to receive rewards. Leaders with coercive power have the ability to give punishments, employees comply to avoid punishment. The personal characteristics of leaders with referent power encourage employees to comply. The employees want to please their leader and sometimes want to be like him or her. A leader with expert power maintains authority by having an expertise or knowledge that others believe in, or can learn from him or her.
Leader Traits A good leader demonstrates a high-level of effort. Good leaders also provide motivation both inside and outside of his or her department. A good leader shows honesty and credibility. He or she shows self-confidence on a daily basis and has a high-level of knowledge about the business. Most important of all, a good leader understands the needs and goals of others and is able to adjust his or her personality to handle any situations that arise. A good leader encourages employees to participate

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