Man is Inherently Evil Essay

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Buddha once said that “it is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways”. In my opinion man is inherently evil, who succumbs to the corruption of the human society. I believe that Man have the ability to distinct good, from evil based on factors they have learned from surrounding others. From the dawn of time man has accumulated power through communities, parties, villages etc. We can infer that man was evil throughout history due many congregations, rituals, and basically the overall culture that was prominent before the times of Christ. You may read in many books of the Puritan era where witches were burned due to the simple version of today’s autocracy. Man would accuse them of witchcraft and have them murdered. …show more content…
They extended their borders by conquering other nations such as in the 16th century were America, Canada and New Zealand. These conquering’s have led to many wars, which have ultimately resulted in millions of deaths. Invading another country for the purpose of ones own may also be viewed as conquering another nation; a prime example would be the Americas invasion of Iraq. In my opinion I think that the creation of sects, such as religion, have separated the world into parts which have been the principal reason for war between nations. Without religion we would not have divisions in society, which have led to hierarchies of nations. A prime example of how religion has led to war, would bet the Sunni and Shiite. Sunni believe that the first four caliphs rightfully took place as the leaders of the Muslims (HNN). Shiite on the other hand, believe that the only heirs of the fourth caliph, Ali, are the legitimate successors of Mohammad (HNN). Regardless of what war has become, it is led by one main emotion of man, avarice.
Avarice, or better known as greed, has become an international epidemic since the dawn of time. Greed is a concept conceived by man in his attempt to gain more power. Our Greed for power is the main reason we inhabit other lands. Man who thought they were superior, hence Nationalism, sought out to invade countries to gain control of their economic, society, culture, and basically everything the

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