Male Dominance In Greek Mythology Essay

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As one begins to enter the Greek world of Mythology it cannot be helped but to notice the significant impact these works have had on this day and age. Seeing as how they have such profound impact on our everyday lives, it’s necessary to research and analyze this noteworthy topic. A constant recurring theme worth discussion as seen throughout Greek Mythology is that of men and their dominative status. Some examples of such men include: Hercules – renown for his 12 Great Labors, the cunning Odysseus in his return voyage home, and the ever-courageous Orestes. However, as one could wonder as he/she is reading throughout Greek Mythology, “What is it that gives men such predominance in Greek Mythology?” – now the aim of this paper. As can …show more content…
This, however, was only the tip of the iceberg as several years later his wife, Clytemnestra, decides to kill him for his earlier act of sacrificing their daughter. In fact, “She wanted to kill Agamemnon” (Raphael 25) – which she had done upon his return. Several years later, Orestes, son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, returned to his mother to avenge his father’s death. There was no desire though on Orestes’ part, as any child about to kill his/her mother can imagine, to kill his mother. It is said that “Orestes did not want to kill his mother but felt that he had to” (Raphael 25) – he had to avenge his father. It was also said by Pylades, a friend of Orestes, that “Apollo had commanded [it].” (Hamilton 246). It was through this unwillingness and the completion of the task that we can observe courage on Orestes’ part – this courage showing his dominance. A common feature of Greek Mythology, that of heroes and their exploitations, is best seen through the “The greatest hero of Greece” (Hamilton 159) – Hercules, the man of “great bodily strength” (Hamilton 159). Hera, Zeus’s jealous wife, “was… hostile to the offspring of her husband by mortal mothers” (Bullfinch 25). Being the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, she set off a chain of events leading up to Hercules seeking the oracle at

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