Making Informed Decisions Based on the Regional Information System

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Making Informed Decisions Based on the Regional Information System
Many criteria go into making a decision of where to teach. Initially, a better salary is the primary enticement for any teacher. However, there is much more than salary to be considered and more thoroughly researched for accuracy before considering any career moves. The internet is a great place to begin the research of potential locations of interest. Yet, can all the data about schools, districts and states data be trusted? This paper will provide a more in-depth look into unreliable information posted on the national website by states.
Information reliability?
One area of questionable reliability is the reporting of standardized testing. Are the high numbers
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Before seeking the answer to that question, is important to analyze one’s personal conviction they feel about how important standardized test is to them.
“The test scores you see on, as reported by the state Department of Education, compare groups of students from one year to the next but they don't tell you about individual student progress. They don't tell you about the richness of the curriculum - whether there is art or music, or opportunities for individual or group exploration into a particular subject. They don't tell you whether students are learning critical thinking skills or how engaged students are in the learning process” (, 2011).
In recent years there has been much controversy about the reliability of states’ reporting. The information reported to the national data base in regards to their standardized test scores maybe misleading. An example misleading tests scores was uncovered recently in the Georgia Department of Education. According to an investigation conducted by Georgia’s Governor, alleged allegations of cheating on state tests were discovered, “the governor's report concluded that East Lake's then-principal, Gwendolyn Benton, erased and changed answers to improve test scores in 2009…Similar scandals have occurred in Washington, Houston and Los Angeles…USA Today this March

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