Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: Also known as LSD Essay

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Lysergic acid Diethylamide is one of the most infamous yet most thoroughly researched illegal drugs in this nation’s history. It was first discovered by a Swiss chemist named Albert Hoffman; he originally was analyzing the effects and behaviors of various alkaloids in Ergot fungus, a common fungus that grows on wheat and is the world’s most potent natural source of LSD.
Albert Hoffman discovered this drug when he tested some of its effects on himself, and soon found a very interesting attribute to his newly discovered compound. The following is a quote from Albert Hoffman, describing what he felt when he first felt the
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This goes to show you that the common media and the agencies of the world governments always lie about these types of things, due to their delusional mindsets caused by their moralized upbringings which bring about many biased mixes of opinions that furthermore work to spread those lies around. Don’t get what I’m saying wrong, not all illegal drugs should be legalized, but this country hasn’t yet crawled from under its rock and realized that you should “throw out the BATHWATER, not the baby”. Drugs don’t lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, irresponsibility and bad health habits do. A perfect example to prove my point, would happen to be the country of the Netherlands. Their laws make it legal to use drugs, so long as the drug addicts are segregated, discouraged from continued use, put under treatment, and are provided clean, pure drugs and sterilized paraphernalia so that there are no risks of infections or other various health problems associated with common drug use. Even with this in place, they have some of the best quality of life in their country compared to the rest of the world. Even some other European countries are considering making their laws like the Dutch model of drug policy, such as Belgium and Switzerland.
The worldwide policy against LSD began during the 1960’s when the Hippie age brought along massive

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