Essay about Lyndon B. Johnson's Legacy

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The Great Society was a group of programs designed by former President Lyndon B. Johnson. In the 1960’s, he introduced this set of programs at the University of Ohio and then at the University of Michigan. These programs, sometimes referred to as social reforms, focused on the elimination of poverty and racial injustices in the United States. Johnson named these programs The Great Society and designed them to provide help to the poor in education, insurance, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and various Civil Rights that denied the poor. Johnson believed that poverty was a problem for everyone, for all citizens, business, labor unions, churches, charities and government, and government. Thus, everyone had to assume the …show more content…
The Great Society health programs have been effective. Before 1963, most elderly americans had no health insurance, and few retirement plans offered coverage. In addition, the poor could not get medical treatment unless they were in critical condition. With help from efforts of the Great Society, life got better for the poor. Other major policies of the Great Society included Civil Rights which addressed various injustices inflicted upon the poor. Lyndon Johnson believed the Great Society was an instrument to create racial justice and eliminate poverty. When he became president, the country was segregated. Stores, theaters, restaurants, housings, public facilities, schools, and hotels were all segregated. The poor was disregarded and denied the right to vote and to obtain an adequate education. However, the Great Society sought to end segregation and civil injustices by creating various acts to assure equal opportunities and rights for the poor. The civil rights acts of 1964 and 1968, The voting rights act of 1965, the education act of 1965, and the immigration and nationality service act of 1965 were all a part of the Great Society’s war on poverty. (“What was really”) In fight against poverty, Lyndon Johnson’s office of Economics Opportunity created 269 local legal service

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