Essay on Low Cost Storage for a Metalwork Shop

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Low-Cost storage

Having the right tool for the right job is very important, but being able to find that tool when you need it is important too. An organized shop will help you find your tools; also it will save you valuable time and money. The specifics of how a shop is organized are preferential, but there are many constants there are many commercially available storage items. Most of them are very good for their intended purpose, but they are not perfect. A combination of store-bought, homebuilt and repurposed storage containers will allow for a customized effective system. “Within that big container full of stuff that we call a shop, we need lots of little containers to keep our things organized, protected, and ready for use. Boxes,
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But remember to label the boxes so you can find what you are looking for later.
“Probably the quickest and least expensive way to add useful storage in your shop is to put up a set of shelves “ (Nagyszalanczy 181). Whether the shelves are held by brackets attached to the wall, are part of an adjustable system or are built into a freestanding unit (like a bookcase), shelves take up little space for the amount of storage surface they provide. Also, they give provide free access to whatever they hold. Whatever type of shelving picked, make sure it is a sturdy material strong enough to hold the tools or parts stored there (Nagyszalanczy 182).
When adding containers to store all the small stuff like nails, brads, screw, hooks, there are lots of inexpensive options available. From lidded jars to small organizer cabinets with small clear drawers (sometimes called drawer cases), there are a plethora of storage containers that can be used in the shop. One custom storage solution, shown in figure 1.2, based around a homemade bookcase style shelf, has small jars such as repurposed medicine vials and pickle jars near the top. The small jars contain very small parts, such as nuts, bolts and screws. Close to the middle, commercially available drawer bins are used to store slightly larger and more commonly used pieces of hardware. Also, drill bits and thread-cutting taps can be stored in the drawer bins. Towards the

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