Louis Pasteur Essay

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Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur made many valuable contributions in the science field. These findings in chemistry, industry, and medicine are still appreciated today. Louis Pasteur saved many lives because of his findings and research. This chemist devoted much of his life improving the welfare of man-kind.

Louis Pasteur was born on December 27, 1822, in Dole, a small town on the eastern part of England. As a young boy, Louis was very quiet and had an incredible desire in drawing and artwork. He produced many charming pieces, which can be seen at the Pasteur Museum in the Pasteur Institute at Paris. These pastel paintings were portraits of his family, friends, and teachers. His powerful imagination was revealed to be
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Pasteur disproved this theory with a simple experiment. He showed that microorganisms would grow in sterilized broth only if the broth was first exposed to air containing spores, or reproductive cells. His findings led to the development of the cell theory of the origin of living matter, which states that all life originates from preexisting living material.

In 1849, Pasteur became professor of chemistry at the University of Strasbourg, where he began studying fermentation, a type of chemical breakdown of substances by microbes. He served the rest of his career as Dean of Sciences at the University of Lille. Soon after his arrival at Lille, Pasteur was asked to solve the problems of the local industries, vinegar and silk manufacture.

A producer of vinegar from beet juice wanted to know why the product was sometimes spoilt. On examining the juice microscopically, Pasteur observed that the contaminant, amyl alcohol, was optically active. This gave clear evidence that it was produced by a living organism. Pasteur then proposed a biological interpretation of the process of fermentation. He demonstrated that when no contamination by living contagion took place, the process of fermentation or putrefaction did not take place. Thus the celebrated techniques of Pasteurization came into being; it could not only preserve wine and milk but drastically cut inflation in the surgeon's

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