Louis Daguerre: Inventor of the First Commericially Successful Type of Photography

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Also known as a previous commercial artist, Louis Daguerre invented the ability for cameras to capture fleeting images accurately . Louis Daguerre was born in November 18, 1787, in Cormeilles, France. His first job wasn’t a photographer, but it was Daguerre’s first step in getting attracted by the way lighting and reproducing accurate scenes work. Daguerre wasn’t a photographer, or an inventor from the beginning of his life. “By 1825, Daguerre was a successful commercial artist in Paris; creator, proprietor, and promoter of a giant illusionistic theater called the Diorama” (Nelson). The Diorama is a spectacle featuring theatrical paintings and lighting effects, along with huge paintings (Daniel). Daguerre was able to simulate various …show more content…
In order for Daguerre to accomplish this goal, he needed a partner, which turned out to be Nicephore Niepce. Niepce, who had been working on the same problem as Daguerre, negotiated a contract, a partnership, in 1829 (Daniel). Also known as the actual creator of photography, they worked together to successfully finish the project. To create plates that could be inked and printed to produce accurate reproductions of original works was Niepce and Daguerre’s goal (Nelson). Unfortunately, Niepce died in 1833, not being able to successfully finish and come up with a reliable process yet (Daniel). He didn’t have anything else that gained him popularity again, as his daguerreotype was still being developed. Daguerre didn’t have anyone else he could trust to work with; he didn’t find anyone who was working on the same goal as Daguerre. Although Daguerre couldn’t find anyone else to work with, he kept on going. After 11 years of solitary experiments, Daguerre was able to achieve his results (“Articles”). Although he was alone in experimenting the process he want to invent, Daguerre never gave up and kept on going until he was able to successfully create his daguerreotype.
The daguerreotype was also able to use his medium of artistic expression to see objects closer, as if you are looking through a microscope. It wasn’t only a medium of artistic expression; it was also used as a scientific tool (Daniel). Many artists and scientists were interested, because the daguerreotype was

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