Loneliness and Isolation in Robert Frost's Poem Essay

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Examine the ways in which Frost explores ideas about loneliness and isolation in three poems you have studied.

Robert Frost, an infamous poet best known for his original poetic technique, displays a reoccurring idea or theme of loneliness and isolation throughout many of his published works. The ways in which Frost represents and symbolizes ideas of solitude and desolation in poems are somehow slightly or very different. Loneliness and isolation are illustrated through Frost’s use of the dark night as well as depression in “Acquainted With the Night”, the objects the speaker encounters in “Waiting”, and the sense of abandonment and death in “Ghost House.” To begin with, the understanding of loneliness and desolation is identified
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Seclusion of the atmosphere devotes more significance into the main message of the poem, which is that there is no incorrect time for people to feel sorrow and depression and that it takes time for similar situations to resolve. And this message could easily be identified when the readers come across the last few lines, which are, “(o)ne luminary clock against the sky, (p)roclaimed the time is neither wrong nor right.”(L12&13) “Acquainted with the night” demonstrates how Frost incorporates the meaning of solitude and isolation through the metaphoric meaning of darkness and the night. Not only does Frost use darkness and the night to symbolize loneliness and isolation, but he also demonstrates the aura of alienation and detachment through the experiences and objects that the speaker comes across in his poem, “Waiting.” To quickly summon this poem, this poem shares a deep, metaphoric meaning of a speaker waiting for someone he or she truly cares about. Loneliness and isolation are also important themes for this poem but is used differently. In contrast to the message that solitariness has brought out for “Acquainted With the Night,” which is that time is not of the essence when a person is experiencing depression, loneliness and isolation is expressed differently as it enhances the anticipation the speaker has as he or she waits for his or her loved one in “Waiting.” The

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