Life's Findings in Homer's Odyssey Essay

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The Odyssey:  Life's Findings


Homer's The Odyssey can be truly considered as one of the best epic poems of all time. Odysseus' journey in returning home becomes a test to prove himself. Only on the testing grounds of life can one discover inegrity, loyalty and perseverance. Homer's craft is so profound that theme's found in the poem still pertains to man today. The Odyssey is truly remarable in that Odyseus' character, his morals, and his views are stil admired by people today.

    A man's actions sepaks for his integryit, especially in the face of corruption. Odysseus' integrity is not questioned even when he slays the suitors. His moral principles are such that he sympathizes with Medon's pitiful
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Odysseus disguises himself as an old man, showing qualities of integrity through his words. When informed of the immoral suitors Odysseus, as the old-man replies in disgust, "...should they by their numbers crush me, all single and alone, far rather would I die, cut down within my own hall, than constantly behold disgraceful deeds, strangers abused, and damsels dragged to shame through the fair palace, wine running waste, men eating up my bread, all idly, uselessly, to win what cannot be!" (155). The old man's words symbolizes Odysseus' own traits of high moral standards. Odysseus' integrity is revealed through the words of the old-man. Even so, his intolerance of disgrace is stil recognized.

    Loyalty exists only where there is resistance to lust. Penelope remains loyal even when she has her pick of many excellent suitors. Clytemnestra on the other hand, betrrays her husband Agamemenon when he returns from war. She and "...Aegithus plot[s] death and doom...slaying [him]..." (109). Penelope resists the tempation to betray her loyalty to Odysseus while he is away. When told that he had ventured home, she replies in disbelif, "You know how welcome here the sight of [Odysseus] would be tal all, and most to me and the son we had" (223). Penelope's wordsare so confident, loyalty is surely present. In this case, loyalty prevails over lust.

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