Essay about Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing Marijuana

Why marijuana? Why legalize marijuana for recreational use? I think the question we should ask ourselves is ?why not?? Are there any benefits? Again, the focus is misplaced. The question should be how do the benefits of decriminalizing marijuana far outweigh the negative aspects. Why was marijuana made illegal in the first place? Marijuana is certainly not illegal due to health concerns, because if that were the case alcohol and tabacco would be illegal as well. The fact is Americans demand the freedom to choose. Freedom of choice is one of the basic principles this country was founded on. If that freedom of choice is the right to choose to indulge in vices that may be detrimental to one?s health, whether it be
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Jackson argues that these tough anti-drug laws actually benefit the dealer as an ally, even a business partner, because they represent the entire reason the illegal drug trade exists (Jackson). One example of these outrageous laws, occurred in 1997 when medical marijuana user, William Foster of Oklahoma, was sentenced to 93 years in jail for growing 10 medium sized marijuana plants and 56 clones(cuttings from another plant planted in soil). (Stroup) Imagine if you were sentenced to life in prison for brewing your own beer. Is life in prison for growing marijuana any less ridiculous? And in addition to that, it was beneficial to his health! So while taxpayers spend $25,000 a year to jail an otherwise law abiding marijuana smoker, that spot could be used for a criminal who has committed more heinous, violent crimes against others, and not just harmful to themselves.

Many may argue that legalizing marijuana will introduce new users, who may otherwise not have tried the drug. While few may start smoking, it will more likely be people who have already experimented with marijuana who will become free to use it. Do you think that if heroin were made legal tomorrow, people would go out and try it? Also, it seems that some of the people who already use marijuana do so because of the ?forbidden fruit affect? (Gazzaniga). Which is, because marijuana is illegal it is more attractive. Furthermore, legalization will allow for government regulation, which will control

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