Leadership Skills Essay

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When an organization, business, or agency fails to achieve their set objectives poor leadership is regularly scrutinized as the leading cause of inefficiency. In many respects this holds true because of the countless skills need to successfully lead in both public and private enterprise. Although there are similarities between both public and private management, public servants are held directly accountable to their customers/citizens. In light of this, leadership skills within the public sector are essentials in providing its customers with public goods. These public goods include welfare programs, education, police protection and environmental standards (Starling, 2011 p. 28). If public entities contained leaders that possess …show more content…
Hence, certain political competencies are necessary to successfully manage programs, funds and conflicting obligations (Starling, 2011 p. 82). With this tremendous internal and external pressure public administrators have an obligation to protect valuable resources from misuse. In our case Dr. Gayle is portrayed as “politically savvy” and “pays attention to the care and feeding of networks and people” (Riccucci, 2002 p. 17). Building positive relationships and networks involves an ongoing process of building trust among individuals. Cooperation is the foundation of success; therefore it cannot be overlooked as a leadership skill.
The role of Information
Within Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development, the informational role of a leader incorporates several responsibilities directly involving the exchange of information (Lussier, 2010 p. 10). While information is being transmitted throughout the organization the leader has the duty to monitor information to gain an understanding of the organizations obstacles. In this leadership role the individual reads memos and communicates with other in the organization. By monitoring the exchange of information the leader will know what is happening at a basic level. This in turn allows the leader to listen for creative solutions to agency problems. In solving agency obstacles many creative solutions are found by employees not management because of the real world experience

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