Lawyer: An Ambassador of the Rule of Law Essay

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Attorneys, more commonly referred to as lawyers, defend people who may or may not have committed a crime or violated the law. The laws of the world are what holds it together, and it is important that there is someone to defend them and make sure they are obeyed. A lawyer acts as political and legal council to everyone from ordinary citizens to top government officials dealing with foreign policies, but their main job is to help those in need and keep the law balanced (Lawyers, Encyclopedia). But be warned that there is much learning to do before one enters the court or takes hold of a case. Becoming a lawyer is very rewarding and provides an exceptionally high income, opens the door to multiple related careers, and holds promise for …show more content…
Law opens the door to multiple professions that require the same amount of work and education. Two of these careers are judges and hearing officers. They listen to cases in a court, evaluate information testified, and read what evidence the witnesses have provided (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Another good field to pursue if turning away from law is a teacher. Generally if an attorney tires of law, they will practice teaching it at a university, secondary school, or community college for those entering the field of law. Someone with the background in law and the skills such as communicating and writing may enter the field of journalism (Opportunities in Law Careers). If one does think it over and decide to continue the path of law, there is the experience needed to become one to think about.
The exposure of law study and experience in a court or office can determine where one stands on the podium in the law world. Governmental agencies are good places for lawyers to earn experience. Another way to develop valuable experience is through practice trials held at your school and being a part time law assistant at a firm. These different familiarities of law work can help obtain a job after graduation (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Most agencies prefer to hire if a person has exposure in a business as well as in

the corporation’s particular industry for one or numerous years, and has worked as a law clerk or a business

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