Essay on Lacome Lucien a Film by Louis Malle

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There is no doubt that Louis Malle while making the movie Lacombe Lucien wanted the eyewitness to feel uncomfortable when watching it. In the film we have to judge for ourselves but at the same time try to understand what leads people to do things that they choose to do. Louis Malle attempted to tell a 'real' story of 'real' people, rather than the good vs evil caricature. Possibly Malle wanted us to feel discomfort while watching the movie so that we identify with the individuals more and in some way, very minor, experience the feelings they experienced which due to the times they lived were very complex and uneasy. He wanted to manipulate the medium of film in order to make the audience reconsider their preconceptions and because the …show more content…
Lucien is a very complex character who is driven by power. In the movie <<his face serves not as a mirror of his heart or the barometer of his mind, but as the register of his success in quenching his thirst of power>> . Often the camera denies us a good close up, instead <<the protagonist appears to us in pieces. >> As Lucien gets rejected by the French resistance he joins the Gestapo instead. Not fully conscious of what he is doing, the only thing that seems to stand out to him is the power that being part of the German police brings to him. As observed by Altman, the mentioned above slingshot is << childish […] and will soon become an adult weapon >> .
The camera witnesses Lucien’s attempts of trying to act like an adult, however he constantly betrays himself with his childish qualities for example when he bursts out laughing when the champagne cork explodes from one of the bottles that he had brought Mr. Horn and his daughter – France. He is not really sure about addressing her using the word <<chérie>> either because when France later asks him why he called her that, he says <<Je ne sais pas>> and starts to laugh once more. <<Lucien’s joking tone contrasts vividly with the original somber mood of his unwilling hosts. >>
In Lacombe Lucien laughter is a factor that plays a key role in making the viewer feel uncomfortable.

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