Essay on Lack of Creativity in the Medieval Period

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Lack of ego, violence, and unproductiveness were some of the few characteristics Manchester attributed to the medieval mind. During this period of history, the people lacked creativity and only used the mechanisms that were created by the generations before. Violence helped noblemen rise to define themselves while the creative ones took generations to build a cathedral because they only cared about glorifying God. Knowing their identity in life was irrelevant. Peasants were unaware of the world outside the common since they all lived and died without ever leaving their birthplace.
Violence was often seen during this period in history. Homicides were twice more as frequent than accidents themselves and one out of the hundred murderers was
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With Luther’s reformation, people agreed to the most part that the church was causing everyone to become broke. Especially Germans who went to avenge for their freedom. “For many years Germany has lain in the dust, bemoaning her poverty and her sad fate. But now her nobles have awakened as from sleep; now they have resolved to shake off the yoke, and to win back their ancient freedom.” (Manchester 161).
During the Great Schism, the peasantry was unaware of such event. No one told them as the priest himself had no knowledge either and the archbishop had the reasons to stay quiet. The people just continued to carry on with their daily lives going to mass, getting married, being baptized, and on. They showed no need to open their mouths to ask about Church affairs so all was as if nothing was happening.
Manchester finds using the using the phrase “Dark Ages” as an appropriate term for this period in history even though modern historians have already abandoned it. Manchester on the other hand may be wrong and should also maybe abandon the phrase like the modern historians did. Besides having a negative connotation, the phrase “Dark Ages” gives a sense of opinion as how one has portrayed this period in time which contradicts to what history really is. The history we learn is based on facts and cannot mix with what

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