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KOREAN PRENATAL CARE The field of nursing consists of many aspects in terms of care. The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (AACN, 1998) details the need for culturally competent practice due to changing needs within health care. It describes the nurse's role in providing “care to an increasingly diverse population”. For this assignment we will cover cultural competence of the Korean cultural and prenatal care traditions. According to the University of Hawaii at Hilo, it is important to focus on the comparative study and analysis of different cultures and subcultures in the world, with respect to their caring behavior; nursing care; health-illness values, beliefs and patterns of behavior. In the …show more content…
population. When a woman is pregnant, a common Korean taboo is that she is taught to only look at beautiful things and focus on what is good (Moore,2005). This culture believes, “all that she thinks, sees, and eats influences the shape and feature of the baby (Moore, 2005).” As a nurse, one must take these beliefs into consideration when caring for a patient of this culture. The role of a nurse is to care for the client with respect, not to criticize, and provide the best standard care without interfering with the client’s customs. Moving on, culture is a set of behaviors beliefs and practices, a value system that is transmitted from one woman in a culture group to another (Simpson & Creehan, 2008). In their Perinatal Nursing book, Simpson and Creehan express repeatedly how culture provides a framework within which woman think, make decisions and act. In the Korean culture, their health requires harmony between heat and cold. “Balance should be maintained for woman to be in harmony with the environment (Simpson & Creehan, 2008).” The culture deeply believes eating hot foods such as spicy vegetables, soups, red meat, coffee, and sweets can cause abortion or premature labor. As a nurse, being aware of these taboos can help provide alternatives to the client when preparing their nutrition plan. In the U.S. standard recommendation to prenatal care is to begin intake of prenatal vitamins to supplement nutritional needs for the mother and the

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