Justice Beyond Our Borders Essay

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There are currently 14 names on the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) “Most Wanted” list (USA for the International Criminal Court). This is the list of the individuals that are responsible for the most heinous crimes happening around the world. It is the goal of the ICC to find these criminals and bring them to justice. American Involvement in the International Criminal Court, designed to provide enforcement and prosecution for crimes against humanity, is critical to its success in fighting those who are responsible for the world’s worst crimes. The International Criminal Court was first established in 1998 when 120 countries voted to adopt the treaty outlining its structure. This treaty went into effect on July 1, 2002, and 108 …show more content…
In a 2010 poll taken by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, seventy percent of Americans believed that the U.S. should participate in the International Criminal Court (AMICC). If this is the case, why has the U.S. failed to join the ICC? Although the U.S. played a key role in establishing the ICC, they have yet to join due to several concerns. One of the major concerns is that the ICC will prosecute Americans. This, however, is extremely unlikely. The cases that are brought up to the Court are so widespread and calculated. Those responsible for them repeatedly violate the most basic human rights. If an American were to commit a crime on the level of these, it is still not certain that the ICC could prosecute. Only if the Security Council refers a case, or a country accepts the Court’s jurisdiction, can the ICC act when the states involved are not a part of the Court (MacPhee). However, if an American were to commit a crime that rose to such a heinous level, would we not want them to be prosecuted? Although protecting the rights of U.S. citizens has some importance here, it is far more important to keep such criminals from jeopardizing the safety of others. Another large concern is that U.S. participation in the ICC may be unconstitutional or inconsistent with American values. Some Americans argue that the ICC bypasses the powers of Congress and the federal judicial system, and that an American who has committed a crime in the U.S. cannot be

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