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John Quincy Adams (1787-1848)
John Quincy Adams was born on July 1767, in Braintree Massachusetts. His parents were John and Abigail Adams. His mother came from prominent families, the Nortons and the Quincys, and his father was a prospering lawyer at the time of Quincy's birth, which allowed for him to have every advantage as a youngster. When he wasn't accompanying his father on diplomatic trips to Europe he was receiving the best education at private schools in Paris, Leiden, and Amsterdam. By the time he entered Harvard in 1785, he was proficient in Greek, Latin, French, Dutch, and German. At the age of fourteen, he was asked to serve as secretary and translator to Francis Dana, U.S. ambassador to Russia. Despite his age he was
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While in Europe he gained a reputable name for serving his country. He played a large role in the peace negotiations between Britain and the U.S. after the war of 1812 as the chief American peace commissioner in Ghent. He continued to distinguish himself by negotiating a treaty with Spain. The Adams-Onis Treaty with Spain transferred East and West Florida to the United States and the establishment of a border between Spanish and U.S. territory running from the Gulf of Mexico to the Rocky Mountains and along the forty-second parallel all the way to the Pacific.
In March 1817 President James Monroe appointed Adams as secretary of state. Adams, who was then 50, was not a good-looking figure. He was short, plump, and bald; his best feature was his penetrating black eyes. Nevertheless he is known as one of the most able to have ever held the position of U.S. secretary of state. Adams and Monroe worked together with great synchronization and understanding, because they were in complete agreement on the basic objectives of American foreign policy. They wanted to expand the territorial limits of the nation and to persuade the other powers to treat the United States as an equal. Monroe closely controlled foreign affairs, but he relied heavily on Adams, who proved to be a sharp adviser, a skillful negotiator, and a talented writer. Adams was also the chief author behind the Monroe Doctrine, which warned that the United States would oppose

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