John Fitzgerald Assasination Essay

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Lee Harvey Oswald is known today as the man who changed the world. On November 22th, 1963, he shot the key figure named John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. The stunned USA stopped in shock. Who is this man? Why did he kill our president? The people needed answers. However, two days later, on the 24th, while he was being escorted to a county jail, he was shot in front of live news coverage by a local nightclub owner named Jack Ruby. Now everybody stood in shock. Who was this guy now? But more importantly, with the assassin dead, who is responsible for the death of Kennedy? Was he alone, or was he part of a group? With the killer gone, now questions filled everyone’s mind and everyone started pointing fingers. …show more content…
US proposed trade embargo on Cuba in 1960, and in 1961, the CIA wanted to remove Castro by launching The Bay of Pigs Invasion. They hoped to replace Castro with another US-supported right wing leader. However, it was failed miserably. “Kennedy was bitterly blamed by many for failing to provide crucial support when the Bay of Pigs turned sour.” (Cuba and the Kennedy Assassination 8-9) He also appeared weak and indecisive to the people because this disastrous invasion made him lose some reputation.
The tension reached its peak by 1963 when the CIA spotted Soviet missiles that were deployed in Cuba. Cuba, with a communist leader in power, allied with a superpower communist country of Soviet Union. US already had a bad tension with Soviet Union because they were communist as well. Now, with USSR as the ally of Cuba, it made US in frantic because there was a communist country with missiles pointing at them from right in their “backyard,” only 90 miles off of the coast of Florida. This was also a threat that a World War III, and nuclear genocide could’ve started, as it was only a couple of miles away. A long history with Cuba created a bad relationship and they would to get back at the United States anyway they can, which includes killing their leader. Another important thing to consider was that Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist. In 1959, he defected to Soviet Union,

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