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Johann Sebastian Bach was born into a musically gifted family and was devoted to music throughput his childhood and adult years. He was taught by his father and later by his brother Johann Christoph, and was a boy soprano in Luneberg. His education was acquired largely through independent studies. In 1703 he became a violinist in the private orchestra of the prince of Weimar but left within a year to become an organist at Arnstadt.
Bach went to Muhlhausen as an organist in 1707. There he married his cousin Maria Barbara Bach; together they had seven children. In 1708 he was made court organist and chamber musician at Weimar, and in 1714 he became concertmaster.
In 1720 Bach’s wife died, and in 1721 he married Anna Magdalena Wulken, a
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The principal keyboard works of this period were Book II of The Well-Tempered Clavier and the four books of clavier pieces in the ClavierUbung, which includes: six partitas (1726–31); the Italian Concerto and the Partita in B Minor (1735); the Catechism Preludes, the Prelude and Fugue (St. Anne) in E Flat (1739), and four duets; and the Goldberg Variations (more formally Aria with Thirty Variations, 1742). His last notable compositions were the Musical Offering composed (1747) for Frederick the Great and The Art of the Fugue (1749).
During his lifetime, Bach was better known as an organist than as a composer. For decades after his death his works were neglected, but in the 19th century romantic composers such as Mendelssohn and Schumann recognized his genius. Since that time his reputation has grown steadily.
I listened to Five pieces of Bach’s work: Ava Maria, Minuet in G for the Harpsichord, Violin Concerto, Allegro Concerto #3, and Air in G for string.
Ava Maria, I believe is a religious symphony that is absolutely beautiful. I have heard many different renditions of Ava Maria and I have decided that Bach’s version is the greatest thus far. In the beginning of the song I hear violins and, I think, a harp. The two instruments give this piece a sense of, shall I say heavenly, beauty that is unparalled by even the greatest composers. I find it amazing that Bach was not renowned for his work as a composer during his lifetime.
Minuet in G for the Harpsichord was the second

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