JetBlue Essay

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You know the feeling you get when you look at the person dressed in the same designer outfit next to you, knowing you paid half as much for it? Choose jetBlue and that exceptional feeling will come right back to you. Operating as a safe, reliable, value-added airline focused on customer service and high quality travel, jetBlue’s prized mission is to compete as a low cost carrier while integrating great customer service. Do not be fooled by their low prices and operational efficiency, though. From leather seating to their customer bill of rights, from courteous flight crews to entertainment consoles, jetBlue offers inexpensive, stylish service unlike other contenders. Cost Leadership Competing through cost leadership, …show more content…
Overall, each measurement shows jetBlue's ability to maintain appropriate financials for competition in the airline industry. The remaining risk relies in the hands of future shareholders and the company's ability to grow with other contenders in the market (see Appendix B, C, and D). While these numbers remain positive, jetBlue obtains a competitive parity with respect to financial resources. Goals for growth and future success with this company involve selling more shares and increasing ownership to gain an advantage.
VRIO Assessment: Value, Rarity, Imitability In evaluating the value of jetBlue, as a corporation, a five forces analysis was conducted to assess sustainability. The threat of new entrants, buyers, suppliers, rivals, and supplements expresses an overall concern of long-term value for jetBlue (see Appendix E).
High Threat of Buyers: The power of buyers in the airline industry is currently high because of efficient product and service standardization. Many low-cost providers offer similar goods and services with advancements in technology and environmental safety discoveries and practices. Switching costs are also relatively low for jetBlue buyers, lessening sustained customer loyalty. To counteract these threats for future

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