Jesse James: Not Your Everyday Robin Hood Essay

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The Wild West consisted of many men, women, and children, but only one made the biggest impact. He was not your everyday Robin Hood. In fact, he was known for being ruthless and vicious. He was a real life outlaw and bandit. He was known for bank robbing, train robbing, and killing people who got in his way. He was Jesse Woodson James and he made his mark on the Wild West until his death in 1882, above all, he remains famous after over 100 years in American history. First of all, Jesse James began his life on September 5, 1847. Jesse’s parents were Robert S. James and Zerelda Cole James. Robert S. James was a Baptist minister. The James family was well to do. They owned six slaves and well over 200 acres. Robert helped …show more content…
Consequently, Clement was shot down.
Therefore, Jesse formed his gang in 1866. The men were recruited from the guerrilla group. They were successful in robbing the first bank in broad daylight during peacetime (Wikipedia contributors). On February 13, 1866, the Clay County Savings Association located in Liberty, Missouri was robbed. A grand total of $72,000 was taken in the holdup. They robbed numerous banks in several different states. On March 20, 1868, they robbed the Southern Deposit Bank in Russellville, Kentucky for $14,000. Later that year, the James/Younger Gang was formed. They added murder to the charges when they robbed the Davies County Savings Bank of Gallatin, Missouri. They killed the cashier, John W. Sheets. This marked Jesse as the most famous guerrilla turned outlaw (Wikipedia contributors). The governor of Missouri, Thomas Crittenden, set a reward for his capture. On July 21, 1873, the James/Younger Gang performed their first train robbery. They wrecked the train and killed the engineer for only $3,000. They robbed the Kansas City Fair for $8,000. They robbed their first stagecoach in Hot Springs, Arkansas for approximately $8,000 in cash and jewelry.
On April 24, 1874, Jesse married Zerelda Mimms in Centerville, Missouri. For the most part, they started their 9 year romance in 1865 (Wikipedia contributors). She nursed Jesse back to health when he was wounded. They had four children, Jesse Edwards

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