Essay about Jersey Shore: Macho Man Who Is Trying To Get Girls

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The most popular reality television show of the 21st century so far is Jersey Shore, featured on MTV. With billboards all over New York City promoting it, is obvious the number one reality show choice. The show features: Jolie, JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, Angelino and Vinny. The 9 of them live in the same house in a different city each season and have certain agenda’s. The main agenda, partying, happens to also be the main theme of the show. The characters do also have some responsibilities in the house, such as cleaning and a few of them even have jobs. The woman are tormented by the guys, and the guys do typical things, that said, the bottom line, is the show is an awful influence on American culture and …show more content…
196, Douglas).” This is very true, especially with Jersey Shore, it allows the audience to believe a few things: One being, that calling women whores and sluts is acceptable. Two, there is nothing wrong with being a player. And three, that women are just sex objects, when the truth is calling a women a whore or slut, being a player, or treating women like objects are all simply not ok, yet the show portrays it to be the way of living the life. As a result, Jersey Shore is a bad influence on sexual identity. When the group goes out to the club it is common to see them dancing and talking to girls, then the guys will go meet up or be interviewed by the camera men and talk about the women. The things the guys say about the girls is bullying, and takes away from the girls sexual identities while proving Douglas’s point on the male identity, she says, “ ...much of the bullying that girls actually endure is really sexual harassment by boys – crude jokes, sexual propositions, lewd gestures, inappropriate touching or grabbing, and degrading comments about girls’ appearance, body parts, and sexuality (Pg. 235, Douglas).” “The situation” mainly is the person at fault for this, and happens to also be the most popular character on the show. He does everything that Douglas just described in bullying women, this not only identifies men as jerks and having to keep up

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