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Japanese Traditions

Most Japanese traditions involve every aspect of Japanese life. These traditions have also evolved over a period of thousands of years. One common tradition that may seem very visible to outsiders is the traditional Japanese dress of the kimono. A kimono is a woven cotton undergarment. This dress was the basic dress for the Japanese until more recently where it is customary to wear the kimono just for important celebrations. These celebrations make up the many traditions within Japanese culture that aren’t as visible as the kimono. It is within this part of the paper, we would like to look at the many traditions celebrated in Japan.

One popular Japanese tradition is ‘bonsai’. Bonsai is the art of growing
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Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. The term actually means to fold paper. Ever since the Chinese invented paper they began folding it to create a variety of decorative and useful objects. Buddhist priests that spent time studying in China were the first to bring paper to Japan during the sixth century and origami was soon adopted in Japanese religious rituals as well as daily customs. It was primarily used as wrapping paper for special objects and gifts, something that has carried its way to our own traditions. Over the years, however, origami developed into a common activity for children who had learned to fold many different origami toys including, boxes, birds and other animals. The crane is probably the most famous and recognizable of all the origami objects. The tradition on folding the crane came from a Japanese legend that says that one thousand folded cranes will bring health and good fortune. It is also part of the tradition to make one thousand paper cranes for people who are ill with the hopes that they will recover. Today origami has moved from a special Japanese tradition to an activity so popular that hundreds of origami associations have been created in many countries throughout the world including the U.S.

Like origami another old Japanese tradition has made its way over to our borders as a entertaining activity. The tradition I’m referring to is called omikuji which is a traditional form of Japanese fortune

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