Is There Racism on Juries? Essay

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Method Participants
A total of 133 participants (57 males, 73 females; 2 unreported) participated in this study. Participants were recruited from two online databases (SocialSci and MechanicalTurk) and students from a private northeastern college. The data from 8 participants that reported being Non-United States citizens and data from 10 participants who took less than 10 minutes or more than 2 hours was removed. Thus, the results were based on the data from 115 participants (48 male, 66 female). The mean age was 31.12 years, and most participants identified as Caucasian/White (79%). The remaining participants identified with a mix of racial backgrounds (3.5% Latino/Hispanic, 7% Asian/Pacific Islander/South Asian, 5% African American
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The other half of the participants’ unscrambled 15 neutral sentences that were unrelated to perspective taking. This served as our perspective taking prime condition (adapted from Alexander and Paris, 2013). The purpose of this task was to prime some participants to perspective take with the defendant of the case.
Victim Impact Statements. After reading through the trial, participants read two victim impact statements, one from the victim’s father and one from the victim’s fiancée. The emotionality in these two victim impact statements was manipulated to be either high or neutral. In the high emotionality condition, both the statements were highly detailed and emotional regarding the effect the death of the victim had on their lives. In the neutral condition, the statements were less detailed and more neutral in their tone. The purpose of this manipulation was to examine the effects that the emotionality of these statements have on decisions, perceptions, and empathy.
Race Of The Victim. To measure the effect that the race of the victim would have on the jury decision-making, the victim’s race was manipulated using manipulation adapted from Bodenhausen & Wyer (1985). Half the participants read about a victim who had a stereotypically black name, Tyrone. The other half of the participants read about a victim whose name was a

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