Investigation into Chair Design Essay

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Investigation into Chair Design

For my Investigation into chair designs I choose to investigate how simplistic and basic the chairs have become. From Charles Rennie Mackintosh, who was renowned for his style and applied decoration to Philippe Stark who has taken simplistic to another level. I have investigated how the designers have used applied decoration to enhance the look of their chair, to how functional the pieces are (or in some cases un-functional! ).


Mackintosh produced designs on a whole range of furnishings as well as his architectural designs. Many of these were purely functional but he also produced many ‘artistic’ pieces throughout his life. Because of the large amount
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They were almost made as sculptures and not for their practicality.


As compared to Mackintosh’s high backed chair Peter Karpf’s NXT Stacking chair is extremely functional. This simple looking chair is constructed from one piece of wood joined using metal rods and a number of small disks to give it it’s flowing shape. The light weight chair was created by using thin layers of natural wood and altering the direction of the grain.

The legs of the chair appear quite high though this may be an illusion created by the shape. The legs and seat of this chair form an off square shape. The seat is slightly curved for comfort while the back is arched for the same reason.

The designer seams to have taken immense liberties with the materials he has used. The wooded seat and the two legs are machine made not hand crafted. This stacking chair is a far cry from Macintosh’s high backed chair. The chair has no applied decoration what so ever yet it manages to be stylishly simple and very modern. This chair would fit in with most modern decor.

Because it is designed for function Karpf has stripped his designed back to basics. With this most elementary design Karpf has taken the streamlining of Art Deco into another dimension. Its curved decoration reminds me of Art Nouevau’s curved whiplash line.


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