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Into Thin Air: Rob Hall Everest is an unbelievable mountain that has taken the lives of a number of the greatest climbers in history. It was my job to ensure that clients make it up that treacherous mountain safely. My name is Rob Hall. I was the main guide and cofounder of a climbing company called Adventure Consultants. My friend, Gary Ball, and I used to be professional climbers. Together we succeeded in climbing to the highest summit on each of the seven continents in seven months. This was our greatest achievement. After this, we decided to start our own company guiding clients up large mountains. In May 1992, we successfully led six clients to the summit of Everest. Unfortunately, Gary died of cerebral edema in October 1993 …show more content…
After this major catastrophe, I met the rest of my team at Base Camp. As my group of climbers in this commercial expedition rested at Base Camp, I worked around the clock preparing for the treacherous climb up the mountain. I needed to know everything I could if I was to lead a safe expedition. I implemented my usual plan to prepare my group for the climb to the summit. My Sherpas and I set up camps above Base Camp with extra food, water, and oxygen. As we were doing this, I had the clients climb toward each camp to help them become acclimated to the difficulties of climbing at high altitudes. The traffic of inexperienced climbers on the hill made me uneasy. I had a feeling that the trip would end in disaster that wasn’t aided by a lack of cooperation with many of the other guided expeditions. The Taiwanese and South African teams who refused to string rope up the treacherous Lhotse Face caused the biggest problems. I was also beginning to worry about the deteriorating condition of my team. My problems with the South Africans never seemed to cease. Fischer, a guide from my rival company, and I both planned to make it to the summit on May 10. Other expeditions planned to reach the summit at different times than us but the South African team insisted that it would reach the summit whenever it wanted to. On May 6, my team and I left to begin our ascent to the

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