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Virtual Education is the Future of Learning

All of our lives, we have gone through school learning with many other students in a classroom, and using books. But what if things were to change? What if instead of getting up to go to school, we simply had to just turn our computers on. Virtual Education is becoming a new way to teach and learn. Using computers, students can interact with other students and instructors, go to a history lecture with people all across the world, and even dissect frogs.

In an article taken from the Internet, "The Top Ten Unique Features and Benefits of the Virtual Classroom" explains 10 reasons why a virtual classroom would be beneficiary to a learning environment.

First off, students
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"As work and play become more integrated, both students and professors will prefer to have a life, and fit their education/teaching into it." (Leonard, 1997)

An example of a successfully growing VR classroom is through the University of California school systems. Students throughout the UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UCSB, and UCSC campuses are learning via computers. Elliot Brown Lee, a history professor at UC Santa Barbara, who is coordinating technology efforts system wide, said, "By virtue of our scale, we have the best opportunity among other research universities to demonstrate the potential for increasing the quality of teaching through instructional technology. We have the capability to take the national lead on developing instructional technology." (Tech in Teaching)

UC San Diego allows medical students to stimulate surgery through a computer generated image of the human body. Initially, students will move and dissect internal organs using a computer and a 3-D mouse. Eventually, the school hopes to provide tools such as "data gloves" to further enhance the simulated surgery. A student, using the gloves, can simulate an incision on a 3-D image created by the computer.

UC president Richard Atkinson believes that his schools must "develop the educational philosophy, the organizational capability, and the technical structures that will establish the University of California as a model for the '21's century university'. The universities

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