Essay about Internet Censorship: Is It Really Necessary?

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The Internet is an extremely educational and communicative tool. Everyone can access a tremendous amount of information and connect with people on the other end of the planet; it is capable of doing everything. Nowadays, the society is facing a variety of challenges and controversies which are mostly related to religion, morality, the economic crisis, etc., and the most talked-about issue in today’s world is “Internet censorship”. Although the Internet is very useful, many people are suggesting the idea of censoring the Internet; however, the government should not censor the Internet because a free and open Internet usage has many positive impacts on people’s lives.
Many opponents say that Internet censorship can protect their children
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Moreover, schools should have responsibilities to prevent students from accessing bad websites, like the library can use filtering programs to block students’ bad access. Therefore, the government should not control personal research because it can usually be used for educational purposes.
Opponents believe that the government should censor the Internet in order to prevent people from violating copyright laws. Thus, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bill which is suggested to restrict and be against problems which concern intellectual property and copyright laws. However, the SOPA bill is not necessary because we already have laws to protect copyrights. If the SOPA bill is passed, it will negatively affect many websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. For instance, when someone distributes illegal content on the Internet, Google will be sued because it contains these sites. The SOPA bill has several negative impacts; as a result, many famous websites held a meeting to protest the SOPA bill, and they blacked out their logos to oppose the SOPA bill. Joshua Topolsky mentioned in his article, “Wikipedia shut down its site Wednesday to voice opposition to the laws (Google, Reddit and several other sites also protested similarly).” As a result, this bill has not passed yet. We can see that many people oppose Internet censorship.
The final argument by opponents of Internet censorship is that it is a way to police

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