Instructional Adjustment to Accommodate Different Learners in the Classroom

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No two students are identical in their learning styles, methods or processes and thus differentiation in instructional techniques is a necessary tool in the teacher's skill set. Even as teachers need to be identify differences in learning styles and abilities, those we teach also need to be aware of the importance and diversity of each other. As with most classroom environments the learning abilities and styles are not homogenous in nature. This requires adjustment for those that are struggling to master the concepts presented. This can be done through both guided practice and independent practice.

For the purposes of this task the following learning objective is used for a high school level US history class: Learning Objective:
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Additional assistance will be available from the teacher as needed to complete this assignment.

Advanced Students

Advanced students will be expected to complete the timeline assignment but will be allowed to further their understanding of the events through locating pictures, recordings, and other accounts of the attack and its surrounding events.

In addition to completing the aforementioned essay, advanced students will be encouraged to compare and contrast the events of December 7th, 1941 to the September 11th 2001 World Trade Center attack and incorporate them into their essay.


During the course of instruction multiple methods can be used to monitor progress of students. Periodic reviews, observation during guided practice, probing questions, homework and quizing/testing.

It has been noted that effective teachers not only frequently use reviews and follow-up questions on a regular basis but also have a cycle of daily, weekly and monthly reviews related to the material.(Borich, 2010) This ensures that the students are learning the material and identifies needs for reteaching the material or identifying students needing additional help from the teacher or additional practice dependent upon the individual situation.

Another effective monitoring

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