Influential Hispanics of Early Texas Essay

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Influential Hispanics of Early Texas
May 30, 2010

Influential Hispanics of early Texas Many people that were indigenous to New Spain and latter, Mexico had settled in Texas when it was a northern State of Mexico. Many contributed in an effort to tame the wild paradise and bring civilization to the region beyond what the Spanish missionaries had begun a century before. In 1821, Mexico gained independence from Spain, and began to actively recruit people to populate the land north of the Rio Grande with far more urgency that did Spain. The residents were both of Spanish decent as well as Euro-American. Those delegated the authority to organize these settlements were called Empresarios. The Empressarios applied
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Their participation is often overlooked because war veterans that wrote much of the history of early Texas had a deep hatred for all Hispanics because of the atrocities perpetrated by Santa Anna and those under his command. The fight for independence from Mexico was not a dispute over racial or cultural difference, but rather about the suspension of the constitution of 1824 by the despotic Antonio López de Santa Anna, the self-proclaimed “emperor of Mexico. (www. Many of the Hispanic patriots to the Texas Revolution spoke out strongly against the centrist government that Santa Anna imposed in what they perceived as confiscation of their liberty and freedom by way of suspending the constitution of 1824. ( There were many common bonds that were prevalent between the Anglo colonists and the Hispanic colonists that were related to maintaining local control of their governmental affairs as they resented the centrist policies espoused by Santa Anna
Erasmo Seguin was born in 1782 and died 1857. Prior to Texas independence from Mexico he held many distinguished positions of trust within New Spain and work against early efforts for independence from Spain, siding with the royalists. When Mexico eventually gained independence from Spain in 1821, Seguin was identified as a

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