Inductive Teaching Within My Grammar Lesson Essay

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Being part of the English Department in my school, I have been assigned to represent the department to work with some researchers from the Learning Science Laboratory from National Institute of Education for the last two years on the use of mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning. Coincidentally, as I was planning an English lesson for a Primary two class this year, as part of the Seamless Learning initiative, I embarked on this journey in AKE 201, where I was supposed to plan a grammar lesson that had an inductive element in the it. I could not agree more that the timing was just right. I proposed a lesson on prepositions as the Primary twos were covering this grammar item as part of their syllabus. As I crafted out this …show more content…
I have also to bear in mind, the use of the technology and how this lesson has to be curriculum driven with the use of the handheld mobile phone. The pupils will be using as they learn about these prepositions “in”, “on”, “over”, “under”, “in front” and “behind” particularly. As teachers always highlight their concern about time constrain, I had to ensure that the lesson should not perceived as added on to the current syllabus This is to encourage teachers to onboard this initiative in using the mobile phone in the teaching as well as using the inductive approach in their lessons.
I have decided to include an activity in this lesson, as Nunan (1999) highlighted that task-based language teaching provided learners with opportunities to experiment with and explore both spoken and written language through tasks designed to engage learners in authentic, practical and functional use of language for meaningful purposes. In this case, this lesson was crafted to provide such opportunities mentioned above.

During the lesson
As I introduced the video from the youtube to the pupils, the pupils were very interested in doing the various actions and mimic the preposition song. My own personal feelings and based on my observation, the best part of the lesson would be the outdoor activity where the pupils were supposed to capture images using their mobile gadget to relate the prepositions introduced earlier on. In addition, the

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