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Commonly when persons or groups think of the connection with communication they usually just imagine how personnel broadcast between each other, but it is so much more than that. There is a sender and a recipient when we are endeavoring to communicate between us as individuals or groups. Communication is most renowned for information from a sender to a recipient. We should have effective communication when we are at an enterprise and individual level because we have to communicate with every person that we come in contact with. Therefore, it will make it simpler to converse with those we come into contact with, especially those with strong communication abilities When we believe and understand what the components of …show more content…
I think the criminal justice systems are no different. The last barrier I will discuss will be the ability to listen; almost every one of us has found listening to something mundane, flat and difficult to comprehend. This could be due to numerous reasons (e.g. Family issues, a boring speaker, boring subject, even types of emotional bias). If I had to break down these key components into subcomponents, it would be as such.
The first main subcomponent of the communication process would have to be the context, which is the physical part of the message that the sender prefers to communicate within. The second subcomponent would have to be the sender, also known as the encoder are the people who will send the message on to the recipient. The sender will use certain symbols for example words, graphics or even visual aids. The sender may be working with a group or an organization that would like for the message to have the views and background as well as the skills, competencies of the knowledge of the sender this will give it an influence on the content of the message that will be beneficial for that business. The third subcomponent of communication is the message in which is the main key in the way the sender would like to communicate with the recipient. When the sender establishes the content, they want to convey, they have to make sure that it is

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