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India is, by no doubt, the second largest nation known to mankind both in terms of area coverage and populace. This being the case, it forms one of the major points of interest of study to both political scientists and other social scholars. Studies have identified and confirmed that national political movements in India are the most influential elements whose ideologies and transformation agenda dates back into the pre-colonial times. Indian National Congress has been the most influential and transformative movement since its establishment on December 28, 1885. The India, which most Indians are proud of today, owes much to the activities of this movement. It is a movement which has a rich history and through its transformative agenda and …show more content…
Thus, at INC’s inception, the idea of its formations was supported by the British colonial government. In fact, it was a channel through which the British government accessed the elite learnt class of people in India who understood the norms of the white man. Through this measure, the British government intended to use this class of people into ruling India.

At first, the idea was noble to those who were favored by it (moderates) and thus they embraced it immediately. INC was formed. However, it did not take long before the Indians who were in INC realized that they were being misused by the British authority at the expense of their fellow nationalists. This happened at the start of World War II where the elected Indian council was overlooked on issues concerning the war and India’s involvement in it. Rebellion led by INC began. It is INC that initiated the force that propelled the rebellion to higher levels than those that pre-existed. One of the key reasons why this was possible is because the Indians who had been absorbed in the British authority had already learnt and mastered the workings of the British authority. Secondly, they were educated and thus understood all the repercussions which were to go hand in hand with the rebellion. In that regard, they opted to disobey the British rule in a more democratic manner. The rebellion was thus purely non-violent

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