Identification and Justification of the Components of Fitness

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Identification and Justification of the Components of Fitness

Taking part in any sport requires high levels of physical fitness this includes stamina, speed, somatotype, suppleness, balance, reaction time, strength, agility and co-ordination. Different sports require different components within there sport. I am going to discus the components of fitness that are required in netball, and validate why the components are important for netball.

Stamina: ‘Stamina is the ability to work for relatively long periods of time without becoming fatigued. (Or for the heart and lungs to cope with activity over long periods of time)

It is important to have good stamina in netball so that the players
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Having good stamina as a netballer is beneficial, it reduces chance of fatigue within a game which enables players to perform to there highest levels, for example if a player was tired in the last quarter of a game due to fatigueness they may lose a 50-50 ball leading to the opposition to gain position and score.

Speed: ‘ is the ability to change direction of the body at speed’

It is very important to have speed in netball; passing and footwork require speed so that the opposition do not intercept balls or break down play as they would if play was slow. Furthermore Netballers also need to be fast when picking up loose balls.

A situation in netball where speed is essential for both teams is in centre passes, the attack need to compete with the defence to receive the ball in the centre third whilst the defence have to try and win it back possession. You may gain an advantage if you have more fast twitch fibres in your muscles, which gives more powerful contractions very quickly. The amount of fast twitch fibres the body has is genetically determined.

Strength: is the ability of a muscle or muscle group to overcome force or resistance’

There are three types of strength: Explosive strength, static strength and dynamic strength.

Static strength: ‘is described as the maximum force that you can exert over one single

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