ICCAE Business Plan Essay

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As we all know the ICCAE was started with grant funds. The project was designed to “prime Universities infrastructure support/research” providing a platform upon which the program objectives be implemented and eventually would become self-sustaining after the five-year funding from ODNI ended. The Program Directors were asked to propose a number of goals and objectives, which were clearly established via the ODNI’s BAA. The Conceptual framework was established by ODNI. It provides a general framework, depending on the proposal submitted that program directors must follow. The goals, for which each program was evaluated, include the program's ability to:
1.Provide symposiums, seminars, colloquies and/or conferences that focus on the
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I know this was done in the beginning, but I think it is a strategy that could be sustained without external funding.
Item 2, Pre College – Ms. Webster has always helped with this idea. Where I would need support from the Board is volunteering to come and share their expertise and/or recommending others that you think would be helpful to the outreach component, which is required by ODNI. This year, I approach the Dean of CSET, Dr. Deloatch and she has agreed that we can run our summer programs together. In doing this it will allow us to reach 50 young people from grades 6 -12. This is a valuable part of the program and is one of the components that we need a funding source. I tried writing a proposal to support this, but as I mentioned it never got off campus. I think that if we could find $40,000 we would be able to continue offering this to people for free and provide some summer support to the Center, which will be working to provide this activity.
Item 3, Improving the Curriculum – This is where we need Board support and help. I have been trying to get the University to see the importance of placing the Certificate program on the official transcript. At the yearly Senior Advisory Board Meeting, we discussed this as a critical part of making the mission of providing highly skilled human capital to the IC community. Having something on the official transcript legitimizes the National Security Certificate. I think that if we had someone on the

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