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2) The healthy breakfast meal I created from Tim Horton’s is far more nutritious than the unhealthy meal. The healthy meal includes a mixed berry smoothie with yogurt, oatmeal with fruit, and yogurt with berries. All of the items have a moderate and ideal calorie count, that adds up to five hundred calories. On the other hand, the products from the unhealthy breakfast, a Boston cream donut, a BELT sausage bagel, and a French vanilla cappuccino, have an unsettling amount of calories that total up to one thousand sixty. The sum of calories for the unwholesome breakfast equals about half of the daily recommended quantity. The fat, an important macronutrient that’s used for energy, in the healthy meal adds up to two and a half grams, whereas …show more content…
The wholesome lunch I constructed from subway was more beneficial than the unhealthy meal. In the healthy lunch choices, there is a six-inch roast beef sub with vegetable toppings on a nine-grain bun, water, and an oatmeal raisin cookie. The unhealthy meal consists of a six-inch chicken and bacon sub with vegetable toppings and a Coca-Cola drink with no ice. The wholesome lunch has a total calorie amount of five hundred twenty, whereas the unhealthy meal totals up to seven hundred sixty: almost a third of the suggested amount. Total fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar have overall smaller amounts in the healthy meal compared to the unhealthy one. The fibre count is greater in the healthy meal and the vitamin C and vitamin A are the same in each lunch. Protein is also higher in the unhealthy meal, however only by one gram. The food groups addressed in each meal also determine if the meal is nutritious or not. In the healthy lunch, there were three servings of grains (from the bun and oatmeal cookie), one from meat and alternatives (roast beef), and one serving of fruits and vegetables (toppings on sub). The unwholesome meal had one serving of meat and alternatives (chicken) and one serving of fruits and vegetables (toppings on sub). The healthy lunch had a larger variety of food groups and the other meal did not. Therefore, the more nutritious meal was the healthy lunch.
The more beneficial dinner was the healthy

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