HP Company SWOT Analysis Essay

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Hewlett-Packard SWOT Analysis


Hewlett-Packard is a global technology company and after its merger with Compaq it became world’s biggest computer hardware and peripherals company in the world, ranking 20 in the Fortune 500 list. Company is doing business in more then 170 countries including the ones that are developing and under-developed. Being a large company gives HP many advantages like dominating the market for printers, both laser and inkjet, and both for consumers and companies using the economies of scale. The company is also taking an active role in developing the capacity of new markets all around the world, engaging with other multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations and other world
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There is a shared sense of mission among the employees at HP. The company is also one of the first corporations in U.S that used the “management by objective” approach. “Management by objective is an art of management and technique whereby the actions of analysis, direction and control are focused on the end result” (Trautmann , 2003). Executives in HP also created an informal workplace which encouraged employees to use their first names. They visited as many departments as possible without appointments and scheduled meetings and talked with line workers as often as with managers in order to understand the operations. The company endorse the idea that employees have as valid interest in the performance as do shareholders. This gave the company a unique strength among its competitors.

Hewlett-Packard has a strong position in Europe unlike many of its competitors. The company focuses on expanding its sales of PC market using its satellites in Geneva, Switzerland and Boeblingen, Germany. The company is expecting to remain dominant computer vendor in this region for a long time by increasing the investments to develop its satellites.

Today, network and communications technology has made it possible to access information from almost everywhere. HP has a long history of innovation in the

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