How We Mourn in the Age of Social Media Essays

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The loss of a loved one and the process of grief is one of the most traumatic experiences. It breaks down and pushes past the barriers of society, religion, and culture. It is one of the world’s great mysteries that are unavoidable and misunderstood. As universal as it is, grief often is experienced on a personal/individual level and the impact it takes weighs heavily on the psychological functioning of many. Distress comes not only to the person who lost something or someone, but also families, friends and communities. Everyone is affected by grief. Societies have developed a range of rituals and customs to enable grief support. The customs vary throughout cultures, religions and ethnicities. Some mourn through Funeral services …show more content…
The internet is now widely used to provide information and promote health and behavior so why not use it as a support system. CNN reporter, Stephanie Goldberg published a piece back in March 2010 that involved the study of a website by the name of “”. This site was a social forum and grievance gathering. People would sign up for the forum to speak freely about their feelings, losses and reality. It provided understanding and support through talk therapy and journal entries. The members feel as if they are not alone, are being listened to and understood. Some would direct their writings directly to their deceased and find that a whirlwind of emotions would be released through their forum talk. Forums are seen as a reasonable and affordable option next to counseling. She did find that because people grieve differently online forums are not for everyone.
Campus Grievance- Facebook helped them through…

Another great example of how social media websites have provided a therapeutic path and/or solace would be the students who are a part of the more recent campus shootings and murders. Diana Yates, the life science editor at the University of Illinois wrote an article about two researchers who analyzed student grief online after campus shootings. A doctoral student named Amanda Vicary and Psychological professor named Chris Fraley were the first to research

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