How University of Maine Could Improve its Ethics Courses Essay

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It is vital to understand the importance of learning ethics in the modern society. Innumerable cases of unethical conduct points to the fact that the country is suffering from a strong moral perspective. Therefore it is my belief that the University of Maine as an educator of the next generation should have a more active policy to instill its student body with ethics.
As of 1996, the University of Maine (UMaine) has required its undergraduate students to enroll in a series of courses that full fills a general education (Gen-Ed) criterion. This Gen-Ed criterion includes several subject areas including the study of ethics. According to UMaine’s Gen-Ed guidelines updated in May of 19961, a course would be qualified as an ethics Gen-Ed if
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Most agree that education plays a crucial role in affecting a student’s values; and general education has the role of achieving this (Holloway, 2005). Furthermore general education has the purpose of “train citizens for public responsibility” (Boyer & Levine, 1990). Therefore positive attitudinal change should accompany the Gen-Ed requirement.
In the case of ethics studies, it is increasingly evident that the learning outcome of an ethics class should contain an altitudinal change. If ethics courses are able to make attitudinal change then behavioral changes will also occur (Pope, 1987). Therefore the university has the best interest to promote a positive attitude changing policy on ethics studies, which will result in positive behavioral changes among students.
It is imperative to state if attitudinal change is the goal of a Gen-Ed course; failure to do so would lead in to several problems including “failure to recognize the need to assess attitudinal change and failure to discuss the implications of, or plan for such change” (Anderson, Teisl, Criner & Sharon, 2007). Therefore by recognizing the importance of having a clear intention to change attitudes, the university could provide a more effective consistent education to achieve this goal.
Currently University of Maine has offered or offers 119 courses

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