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The foreclosure issue in the United States is not one that will disappear overnight, and while it is easy to over look statistical information saying that a certain number of homes are foreclosed on each day, such things only serve to distance a reader from the real fact: there are people without homes, and a solution has not yet been found. If knowledge is power, then why do we, as one of, or perhaps the most powerful nation in the world not have it? The answer is that it is present, but in the wrong place. We have the power, but it must be redirected. Information becomes knowledge, and knowledge becomes power, so we must give information to those who are losing their homes, so that they may have the power to prevent it. The government …show more content…
People will live beyond, or very close to the limit of, their means in many cases. If it is possible for a person to live in a nicer home, then they will do all that they can to make it so, regardless of the fact that they cannot afford it, or that they cannot sustain that sort of lifestyle. In some cases, there will be those who make a down payment, wait to be evicted after dereliction of pay, and then move on and do the same thing in another place. Though it may seem crude, this can be seen not only as part of the American dream (leading the best life you can) but also as an exercise in freedom (doing what one will even in face of consequence). Since both of those things are sacred, the only thing to be done is to inform. More literature regarding home ownership and its hazards should be made and distributed, while at the same time there should be work done towards a higher form of public education, such as a mandatory seminar for new home owners, or some similar event.
Of all of the solutions towards solving the foreclosure crisis, the least effective, and effectively detrimental one, was the idea to lower interest rates on loans to enable payments to be made more easily. As a general rule, people are selfish and self-absorbed, and prone to act as such. It is much like the Chinese proverb saying ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach that man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’ What the government effectively did was give people

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