Hospital Nursing and Medication Safety Essay

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How to engage hospital nursing staff in the promotion of medication safety

A culture of medication safety has been a priority for many years; there has been less attention to incorporating culture of safety content into the engagement of the nursing staff. The goal of a culture of medication safety is to lessen harm to patients and providers through both system effectiveness and individual performance (Cronewett et al., 2007), numerous threats to patient safety remain and errors at all interface of care delivery.

There are some common obstacles to safe system include complex and risk-prone systems that produce unintended consequences; lack of comprehensive verbal and written communication system; tolerance to stylistic practices and
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This approach has led to the hiding, rather than the reporting of errors; it is the contrast of a culture of safety.

Traditionally culture of medication safety has focused on the three checks five right concepts, with an understanding of complexity of care delivery systems being notably absent. The engagement program places considerable emphasis on helping nursing staff, especially new graduated nursing staff; understand the complexity of medication safety among the care delivery systems.

In the engagement program, a competency medication safety lists was enclosed. The contents of the list are about the knowledge, skills and attitudes. Reinforced the definition of the safety is minimized risk of harm to patients and nursing staffs through both system effectiveness and individual performance.

In the knowledge of the medication safety, some theoretic sessions are provided to nursing staff.
1. Describe the benefits and limitations of selected safety-enhancing technologies, such as medication pumps.
2. Discuss effective strategies to reduce reliance on memory, for example, not fully obey the three checks five rights concepts, just use her/his own memory for drug administration
3. Describe process used in understanding causes of error and allocation responsibility and accountability, for example, if there is a

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