History of Cloning Essay

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Why? Where? How? All are different types of questions you would like to ask us about this topic, but today I will be telling you about history of cloning. Cloning is a thing that reminds us about horror movies or fantasy stories but its true and it happens all around the world. Cloning is a process of copying an organism by its exact traits and will be totally identical to it. Cloning was a miracle coming true and it helped us in so many ways and even saved lives, the idea of it coming true was great but for every good thing it has its moment from its good and bad. Cloning has its best moments and it worst so I will talk about its great and worst moments. Cloning’s ups and down towards history. In 1885 the first ever
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In the last past 14 years, cloning had improved wildly. In 2000 the first ever rhesus monkey was cloned and in the same year 5 pigs were also cloned, in 2001 the first ever cloned buffalo and cow were cloned and later on that same year a cat was cloned also. From 2000-2009 all different types of species were cloned like camels, mice, rabbits, and monkey and even wolfs. One unique moment of cloning history had happened in 2009 when they had cloned an extinct species called Pyrenean ibex which had lived for 7 minutes and died after that because of lung malformations. (Pyreneans is like a wild goat). Anything that happens in the world can turn into good or even bad so cloning did great things in this world but sometimes it went wrong. Once they made a clone of a monkey that gained human intelligence and escaped from a secret lab in Las Cruces New Mexico. Which was a terrible mistake giving an animal human intelligence because in that scenario he was smart info to escape the lab and would had caused damages? A other story was the first goldfish ever cloned, "Goldie", and it was said that they had threw it in the sewers and that it had grown 300 feet long. A weirder cloning experiment was going wrong or even cloning being used in a wrong way when Sea

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