Hemophilia, A Bleeding Disorder Essay

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Hemo, meaning “blood”, and philia, meaning “love”, make up the word hemophilia, but hemophilia isn’t the love of blood, so what is it? Hemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder which causes the affected person to bleed more than a person without hemophilia would. When a child with hemophilia falls off his bike and cuts his knee, the blood takes longer to clot at the sight of the cut than it would for a child without hemophilia. Hemophilia also causes joint damage because the built up blood of a bleed inside the body erodes joints. Out of the two types of hemophilia: hemophilia A, which is factor VIII deficiency, and hemophilia B, factor IX deficiency, hemophilia A is more common with 80 percent of cases being this type (Dowshen). Yet what …show more content…
Hemophilia is either inherited or develops in the womb; therefore, unlike many blood diseases, hemophilia is not contagious. To be inherited, hemophilia has to be passed through the X chromosome. Mothers who are carriers of hemophilia have a fifty percent chance of giving their daughters the hemophilia carrying gene and a fifty percent chance of giving their sons hemophilia. Fathers with hemophilia will pass on a carrying gene to their daughters but won’t affect their sons. A carrier mother and a father with hemophilia have a fifty percent chance of having a carrier daughter, a son with hemophilia, or a daughter with hemophilia (Inheritance).
However, hemophilia does not have to be inherited. Nearly “30 percent of [hemophilia] cases are due to a spontaneous mutation of the Factor VIII gene” (Gene). These “spontaneous mutations” have no genetic history but will stay in the genes of the family as long as there are more children to inherit the hemophilia gene.
Treatments for Hemophilia The main part of living with hemophilia is controlling it. And to control it, you have to treat it. According to the article, “Gene Therapy and Hemophilia A,” Doctor Trent Spencer states that “only 30 percent of the hemophiliac population is treated.” One of these treatments is infusions of clotting factor. Factor can be given through an IV line at home or in a clinic (Dowshen). Also, some young patients who have to infuse on a regular basis have a small, soft tube, called a

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