Essay on Heat Capacity of An Unknown Metal

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Heat Capacity of An Unknown Metal

The purpose of performing this lab was to find the specific heat capacity of an unknown metal.

Since all metals have different densities and makeups I think that the heat capacity will greatly vary. The makeup of iron is very different than aluminum so the heat capacity will be quite different. Also, a lot of metals are not completely pure and that will also have some effect on the heat capacity.

-Hot Plate
-Two (2) Beakers
-Metal Objects
-Two (2) Thermometers
A hot plate is acquired and plugged in and if left to warm up. Fill two beakers with 0.075kg of water and record the temperature using a thermometer
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The metals couldn’t get as hot as they possibly could in the boiling water. Also, when taken out of the beaker with cool water the objects had completely cooled off. I think that this is because the water absorbs the heat from the metal object and balances the two out. Everything in nature strives to be equal so this makes sense to me.
Lab Properties

Starting temp Temp of Metal In cold water
Temp of Water
Temp Change

100 C
24 degrees C
23 degrees C
1 degree C

100 C
25 degrees C
23 degrees C
2 degree C

100 C
24 degrees C
23 degrees C
1 degree C

100 C
26 degrees C
23 degrees C
3 degree C
Heat Capacity Of Each Object

Formula Used: C=(Mass.water*4200*water.temp.change) / (mass.of.metal * temp.change.metal)

Object 1) Bolt: C=(0.075*4200*3 ) / (0.0455 * 74) C=(945) / (3.367) C= 280.6

Object 2) Chain: C=(0.075*4200*1) / (0.01*76) C=(315) / (0.76) C= 414.5

Object 3) Nut: C=(0.075*4200*2) / (0.0119*75) C=(630) / (0.89) C=707.9

Object 4) Screw: C=(0.075*4200*1) / (0.0072*76) C=(315) / (0.5472) C=575.7

In the experiment, one of our unknown metals was

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