Health Consequences of Smoking; A Social Factor Essay

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Health is a complex issue, there are many levels of causation that contribute to an individual's overall health. Individuals have their own reactions to outside factors that shape how their body works, how they treat their body and how their mind works. Nevertheless, health does not revolve primary around access to health care or having an adequate doctor but also around the social factors, the daily life factors that influence individual's health. A social factor such as smoking contributes to the overall health in people as suggested in who is responsible for Tommy Markham's health in Mama Might be Better off Dead by Laurie Kaye Abraham. Smoking is caused by and leads to dangerous consequences. Tommy Markham's is classified as a …show more content…
Cancers of oropharynx, larynx, esophagus, trachea, bronchus, lung, acute myeloid leukemia, stomach, pancreas, kidney, ureter, cervix and bladder are all realistic possibilities. Chronic diseases resulting from smoking is stroke, blindness, cataracts, periodontitis, coronary heart disease, pneumonia, atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease, and many more. Stroke is exactly what Tommy suffered from for a long time, it can be assumed that Tommy had a chronic disease of stroke that could be related to his smoking. The prevalence of stokes that resulted in death known to be associated to smoking was 15, 900 people per year in the United States. Referring to Fig 2, other consequences of smoking can be identified. Death by lung cancer was 128,900 per year, deaths by other cancers 35,300 resulting in a total of 164,200 deaths by cancer in general. The total deaths associated with smoking is 443,000 per year. Smoking can be seen to be a major contributor to chronic illness and cancer. Pleis identified sex, age, race, education, family income, poverty status, and health insurance coverage in relation to that current smokers in table 24, females had a total of 116,472 adults and of whom 21,136 where current smokers, males had a total of 108,755 adults of whom 24,819 where current smokers. There are more males

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