Essay on Hatred Against Work

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Throughout history, mankind has worked. Work is a physical effort made towards a purpose. Work has been done in all aspects and forms. Whether it was working on a farm, picking crops or working in office, analyzing data, different forms of work are done. Due to work, our society is able to enjoy unimaginable luxuries and the economy thrives off such success. However, work has altered mankind. Because of work, we have become slaves in our own society. Not only do we work long hours during our job, but we even have to sacrifice our own free time to work on other work related tasks. Such views can be illustrated through the works of Antler, an American poet. His poems, Factories Are Boxcars Full of Jews and Written After Learning Slaves in …show more content…
Yet, these loggers wouldn't stop working, as the notion of work has become concrete in our minds, regards of the outcome of the work. Slavery may have been abolished by the 13th amendment but it still exists in the form of work today. Antler introduces the concept of slavery in both of the poem in the last stanza. Slavery has existed since the great Egyptian empires. In Written After Learning Slaves in Ancient Greece and Rome Had 115 Holidays a Year, Antler compares slaves of the Roman empire to workers of today, while in Factories Are Boxcars Full of Jews, his comparison remains generally in present day. Slaves in ancient cities worked from sunrise to sunset, and enjoyed over 115 day holidays. However, for workers today, there is no such thing as sunrise or sunset. Workers work throughout the hours, piling on hours after hours, regardless if its dark outside. We follow society, working to the "beat of the drum", accepting the "bite of the lash"(Factories 48, 49). A resident physician works continuous fifteen to sixteen shifts, sometimes sleeping at the hospital and getting to begin the next shift. At times, these residents have their shifts extended from sixteen to forty eight hours, not being able to see the sunlight for days. What good has work brought if most believe that "death is

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