Essay on Harm Caused by Tourism in Africa

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Tourism in Africa, How Harmful Can It Be?

"We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do." (Ward). This quote by Barbra Ward exemplifies the blatant disregard that man has for the environment and it is beginning to take its toll. We kill creatures without mercy or purpose and we infiltrate and destroy their homes without any regard for the consequences. Now the results are becoming even more evident and I directly experienced this on my trip to Africa this past summer. I went to Tanzania where there exists a plethora of species that can not be found anywhere else on the planet. These fascinating creatures live in wildlife parks in which tourists can stay. What I noticed on my
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The keepers of this creature held back its ability to be considered “wild” and it showed in the animals demeanor and dejected attitude. Most African nations are third-world countries and do not have the funds to protect their animals, but this does not give them the right to affect the creatures’ lives in order to promote tourism. In this second picture, we see two cheetahs that escape the midday heat by lying in the shadow of a bush. These two animals are brother and sister and what cannot be fathomed through the image is how close our safari vehicle is. We drove up within five feet of the cheetahs and they hardly even flinched. As we approached, they just stared lazily back at us because they were so used to being harassed by human tourists. This completely took away from the whole experience. Cheetahs are an endangered species because they are hunted by poachers for their skins and the African government has not cracked down on the problem enough. This has caused a drop in their population so there are almost no truly wild cheetahs left. Part of traveling around Tanzania also included going to animal sanctuaries where sick animals are kept. One of the sanctuaries that I visited was for giraffes and the picture that I took is a great example of the negative effects of such places. The giraffe is leaning its head over my shoulder and eating out of my hand as I look on nervously. This may have also been

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